BEST - Product Comparison


Integrated Change Control system, Customised Menus, User Preferences, National Addresses, Application Control screens for in house preferences, Postcode Extrapolation search on all fields on screen, One-touch scanning, Merge addresses and Professional records.

Appointment Diary System.
A complete integrated diary & task management system throughout BEST ensures that all staff are able to use key information without any additional entry into a separate diary system.

Features such as task allocation, reminders, appointments, visits, absences etc are all included as standard

Task Management & Diary system.
Lite includes all of the above but excludes client Visit and clinical appointment functions (full) – diary entries can still be made for each client and can still be managed throughout the system.

Clinical Case Management
Comprehensive assessment form included as well as the ability to link to external documents, add risk assessments, outcome and objectives and create a complete pathway for the episode of care.


Episode of Care  (EOC) / Waiting List management
Ability to create EOC records and analyse to completion, includes document management, lite version excludes clinical assessment screens.
Demographic records
Ability to manage demographics, conforms to the minimum data set and includes many features as standard including postcode lookup, duplicate checking on entry, unlimited address and history records, client alerts update audit and more
Document Management
Ability to create word documents directly from the system from any output as well as create standard word document templates that can be used throughout the system. Any windows based file can be attached to clients, assets, stock including prescription forms, referral forms etc.

Report Management
Ad-hoc Reporting, Comprehensive Report Set Included , Export Report Data (PDF / EXCEL)
Graphs & Bar Charts, Industry Standard Reporting Tool (Crystal Reports)

Locally managed User data access and logins, reset connections, Reset password, SQL server authentication, Full audit of all updates to demographic records, Record of Login and logout. Automatic prompt to load the latest client version after revisions, Transaction Audit trail,Data trace.

Complete Budget Control : - Users can be provided with multiple levels of authorization, record purchases against pre-defined budgets by cost centre/account code.

Report on Committed and Actual spend by Cost Centre/Account Code Multiple deliveries allowed against each line on the purchase order.

Goods received - Automated prompts to add individual item details against asset controlled items

Purchase Invoice acceptance and analysis - Multiple invoices/credits allowed against each purchase order

Supplier records and contract details - QA features

Order processing - Create Purchase Orders from Works order for non stock items, and automatically allocate stock to the order when the delivery is booked in.

Automatic allocation of stock to works order from Delivery screens Records Last Price Paid by supplier


Stock Management
Delivery to Clients Address, or National address or free-type

Individual or batch printing/reprinting of Work Orders

Automatically schedule reminders for PPMs and generate orders for staff to go do the PPM
Contract/Expected Completion dates dependent upon types of work and priority. 

Facility to extend the Contract date with mitigating reasons

Simple Issue of items as current equipment to clients, irrespective of stock levels - ideal for recording equipment when a client has transferred into your area with equipment already on issue

Attach drawings, photographs, hyperlinks to stock and chair records

Overview and access to Orders raised and Equipment Issued from client screen

Stock Valuations

Detailed audit of all movements by stock code

Detailed audit of all changes made to asset records

Record the Status and location of each chair

Batch processing screens to speed up sentencing

Detailed specification of each individual chair held in stock with Quick Search feature to identify chairs matching your requirements.

Allocate stock to orders waiting as new supplies are booked in

Full or no stock control, customisable by users

use wireless BlueTooth™ technology and allows the user to perform all asset control and stock control functions without the need to use the keyboard. .  Updating the database to show that a chair has been reconditioned or scrapped can be done simply by scanning the bar-coded asset number and the appropriate bar-coded action.The scanner will transmit data up to 160 feet back to the base station

Link or Fit items to Chairs.  Prompt to collect or transfer linked items on Collection of Chair

View all services carried out by chair

Hold all warranty information by type of items and individual chair
EDT - Electronic Data transfer
This is an additional option where required but can be added to either version
External Data linking
BEST can link with any external system providing access is granted from the external system and agreements made between both parties. Interfaces are classed as an additional option and prices vary depending requirements.
OLA - Off-Line Assessment system
The ability to take data onto a portable device is available as an additional costed option – contact us for more information.
In House Approved Repairer
Available as a separate module for external contractors or as part of the system for in house repairers, available for both versions
Note: In addition to the above all project planning, training, installation and data conversion from previous systems is included..
Tip: The list below details the key sections within BEST, however the number of features within each section are too long to list in a document of this type, BEST currently has over 700 screens available to the users and literally thousands of features to choose from as part of a tailored installation with more than 90% of the features installed as standard. The Lite version is aimed at services with a lower budget who are currently running old or obsolete systems or running national systems that do not provide the level of data required for a rehabilitation service. .
The Future: Sites running the lite version can easily upgrade to the full product when requirements or budgets change - this can be taken as a 2 year plan and makes moving to BEST a much easier step than ever before.