4P - Project | Planning | Production | Processing

A One Stop Office Software Solution

The 4P application is the result of over 28 years of development. Soft Options started developing Database solutions in 1991 in an application called DataEase. The DataEase development tools key benefit was the ability to develop software quickly but also remain flexible to change.

We only use SQL software tools that are reliable, quick to develop and as easy to change as they can be. Our 4P system can manage all your business software needs. This SQL based system will allow you to manage every aspect of your business with a truly integrated system. Unlimited customisation and a vast range of existing plug in options ready to run. If your business runs multiple applications then 4P will work for you.

  • Document management
    Integrated with Any windows application.
    Quotations, Estimates, Reports, Letters etc.

  • Supplier, Customer & Contact Management
    Full CRMS included

  • Email Production
    Full email production and historical store
    Including Document Management Integration.

  • Tasks Control
    Central system to manage all tasks, calendars etc.

  • Audit
    Complete audit of any chosen Table

  • Customer Report Tool
    Ability to create your own reports as well as customise existing.

  • Report Dictionary
    Integrated Report Database to allow you to manage all outputs).

  • Job Control
    Job card production
    time & materials costing
    Unlimited data entry - configurable by administrators

This is just a snippet of the existing core functions available, the possibilities are endless, please call us for a free no obligation presentation on 01422 204500


The screens below should give you a feel for the main application, we keep toolbars to a minimum so that training times are as short as possible. Wherever possible keyboard shortcuts are used to replicate the functions that can be performed with the mouse - this makes data entry a much quicker process but at the same time allowing mouse only users the same access to the system.

Image Shows a typical Toolbar, icons all have a tool tip help text which shows the button use and also it's shortcut key.

Image Shows a typical Menu




A Collective Office Software Solution

We have over 100 applications installed in the UK handling literally millions of records, most of our sites having very different requirements.

Clicking the logo will take you to the customers own web site, we can provide contact details on request and we would urge you to contact any our customers as we pride ourselves on the on-going relationship, future development and after sales support..

72 NHS Wheelchairs Sites

Single Site application from £2,000.

Data conversion from any existing system

If you would like a no obligation quotation please contact us on 01422 204500, or email us at support@softoptions.co.uk

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We are so confident that our system can be installed in any office environment we would be prepared to spend a few days on your site free of charge with no obligation to buy so that we can understand your processes and business needs, call us now on 01422 204500 or email support@softoptions.co.uk