Clinical Case Management

A comprehensive assessment system is included and combined in the Episode of care record along with historical case management and client priority management.

Directly linked to the equipment records for a complete client administration system.

Clinical notes are locked and protected upon submission to the system yet additional comments may be added at anytime with date/time and entered details stamped automatically to create a complete contemporaneous record.

Any external documentation can be linked to the assessment making the system very future proof.

Record details of any trialled equipment and the Prescription. The prescription can be converted to a Works Order with no re-keying of data.

The detailed assessment screens allow input and update of GP, diagnosis and client measurements which automatically update the relevant screens in the database.

Use the partial booking feature to record the types of appointment the client is waiting for.

Record types of consent given by client and when. Set a review date if required. Attach documents related to the consent to client records

Complete clinical management integration throughout the system, with a vast selection of user roles the access can be authorised depending on the users role.

Record face to face and non-face to face activity times, and produce meaningful reports.