Message & Issue Problem / Reason How to Fix
1 – MESSAGE – You are currently logged into XXXX Work Station’ User has used the windows X to exit from BEST on one machine and is now trying to login on another. Reset the connection 
Main Menu System Admin Menu Activity history Current Connections Double click the User you want to reset See their name in the bottom right box Press ‘Reset User’
2 – Error No: 100003 Severity Level 2 Login incorrect User has forgotten their password Reset a Users Password
Main Menu System Admin User details Search for the user Select ‘Reset User’s Password’ Select ‘Yes’ on the confirmation This will reset to BEST User will need to change their password once logged back into BEST – they can do this via ‘My preferences’
3 – ISSUE – New user account needed New member of staff Adding a New User
Main Menu System Admin Add User Fill in all relevant fields Specify User Access – ‘Filter Access’ Save
4 – 104 Failed to obtain version Information form CRPE32.DLL – GetCrpeVersion Windows Error: Number: 1812 – The specified file did not contain a resource section User cannot print de to crystalplus not been installed. Install CrystalPlus
The message you are getting means that you will need to talk to your IT department and ask them to install crystalplus – It install see installation notes.
5 – Floating Point Overflow User cannot print Issue with HP Printers
Printer Set-up First, you can re-install the printer drivers (that is what Google will tell you to do) If that doesn’t work, we have had some success with amending the spooling in the printer setup.
6 – The instruction at “0x00656b5a” referenced memory at “0x640000c4” The memory could not be read, Click on OK to terminate the program Click on OK to debug the program Memory issue Low Memory If this can be methodically re created and happens every time you press particular buttons then contact SO, With a step – by – Step guide as to how you can do it. If it is Random and un explainable then you need to contact IT due to low memory.
7 – Server Msg No: 9002 State 6 Severity 17 the log File for database ‘BEST’ is full Back up the Transaction log for the database to free up some log space Shrinking the Log 
a) action an immediate truncation and shrink of the best log file (to fix the problem today) then
b) reconfigure the db maintenance plan to create backups of the SQL (if it doesn’t already do this) & the transaction logs
8 – Unable to create Directory Cannot use document history or clinical documents BEST is failing to create a folder within the DOCS folder for the patient (X:\BEST_XXX\DOCS\PATIENT) X = Share Drive XXX = Centre Code User Rights issue
The user needs to have rights to create directories in the following location: (X:\BEST_XXX\DOCS\PATIENT) X = Share Drive XXX = Centre Code
9 – MESSAGE: 728 Error In File This error message means that Crystal no longer has rights to BEST User right issue
To fix this problem ask the System Administrator to click on Refresh Rights button on System Admin menu
10 – PCL XL error Subsystem: Kernel Error: Illegal Operator Sequence Operator: Endchar Position: 25 memory related error message Printer Set-up
1 – Switch the printer of (leave off for 5 Seconds at least )
2 – Switch the printer on
3 – Try again
11 – Incorrect client data when mail-merging in Doc History This is because the User does not have rights to delete/update files in the C:\Best folder. Mail merge correction 
To test this :
1) Logged in as User Browse to the C:\BEST folder on Users PC find the file Mail.txt Right click on this file and select Open……. the file should open in Notepad2) Try to make a change to the file and then save the file. You may get a “permission denied” message, and you will need to ask IT to give the user necessary rights.All users need full read/write rights to the C:\BEST folder and C:\windows\crystalplus.ini file
11 – BEST: Application Drive not Found Drive not mapped Drive mapping
Try rebooting your PC, and it may then find the drive mapping, but if you still cannot access BEST you need to log a call with the IT Helpdesk and tell them that “You do not have the X drive mapped, and it should be mapped to – (X = Your network drive letter)
12 – 782 Error in file U:BEST_XXX\CRYSTAL\Wheelchair \Clinical_Assessment.rpt Failed to create the crystal Query Engine. OpenPrintJob This error message means that Crystal no longer has rights to BEST. User right issue 
To fix this problem ask the System Administrator to click on Refresh Rights button on System Admin menu
13 – Error message db process dead> This message only appears when your PC has lost the connection to the server.> Lost connection
Shut down PC and re-start. If this fails contact IT
14 – I cannot log into BEST, all licenses are in use- What’s the solution? When a service purchases BEST they will purchase a number of licenses. The number they purchase should match the number of users that will be logged onto BEST concurrently. License issue
One user would need to log out appropriately for another user to log back in.Alternately additional licenses can be bought to increase the number you can use.
15 – When trying to print from BEST this error message: 728 Error in file u:\Best_BRS\Crystal\A.Modules\History_Summary.rpt: Failed to create the crystal query engine open print job This message means that the Crystalplus print application has either not been installed or not installed correctly. Install CrystalPlus
Please contact your IT department and ask them to install/reinstall the Crystalplus
16 – Checking the C:\ Drive access If you are having problems running a client update and still asking you then this is the check you need to do 1st Checking C Drive 
access My Computer –C:\Local Drive – Best_XXX – Delete one object in this folder. – If it deletes successfully you have full Read / Write / Delete access to the C Drive – If it gives you an error saying Access denied you do not have full Read / Write / Delete access C:\ Drive
17 – Message from BEST: Unable to access a New version has being released please do a client update. This indicates there has being changes made and you need to run a client update to receive them. Running Client Update
Go to you desktop run and log back in
18 – Can I change my login name? Change log in name
No. However; a system administrator can add you as a new user and remove your old login information. Please note, that creating you as a new user will not automatically move any tasks assigned to you.
19 – How a user changes their password? Change Password User:
To change your password, you will need to log into BEST, go to the MY Preferences screen and use the change password function. For further info, see the help file
20 – Error loading ‘sdmsql20’ DLL. This Datalink and / or Database is not currently installed Please contact your supplier for full details on how this data link may be purchased. SQL is not installed SQL Install 
It’s the SQL Client Network Utility that needs installing on that PC. It’s the ‘SQL server CD install’ that your IT has – They need to install that: so BEST can run.
21 0 User does a Client Update Logs into BEST and still says ‘Please perform a client Update’ When clicking the client update the latest copy of BEST is not being written (as a consequence either BEST does not open or the latest changes are not present). Running Client Update
The first thing to check is that the user is not already running BEST in memory (Either because they did not close BEST normally or it had previously crashed).Get the user to press CTRL-ALT-DEL and look in the process list (you can sort the process list into alpha order by clicking by name) and then click on BEST.EXE and end process.If BEST is not running in the background then the user does not have sufficient rights to the C: drive and if this is the case IT need to be involved.

Tip! If it becomes too difficult to talk the user through ending BEST as a task just ask them to restart the computer, then run the client update and try again, if it fails at this point they probably don’t have the user rights or perhaps a more serious problem if lots of people have the same issue!

22 – I have a new printer How to Set Printers 
1. Select “My Preferences” from the main menu2. Select “Printer Preferences” from the my preferences screen3. A dialogue box will appear

4. For each type of printer, select the desired network printer from the list provided.

5. Select “Apply”

23 – Error 1918.Error Installing ODBC driver CR Informix ODBC Driver 4.10 , ODBC error 13: Could not load the Setup or translator library. Verify that the file CR Informix ODBC Driver 4.10 exists and that you can Access it. Informix 
Always select ‘Ignore’ when you see this message regarding Informix
24 – The insert key is no longer enabled and when I type notes the data is being overwritten You may need to press the insert key manually when you first open Best, see How to fix If you are running Windows 7 you should review the following link

or If you have Office 2007/2010. Open Word, go to Menu File -> Options -> Advanced -> Uncheck “Use Insert Key to control Over type Mode”, and make sure the “Use Over type Mode” is also unchecked.