IMF Help


Soft Options will convert any existing Electronic Form into an Intelligent Mobile form which will enable you to capture information on a portable device from any location (Laptops, Android Tablets, iPads and Mobile Phones) using Portable Document Files (PDF). Any entry which exists in the BEST system can be populated by Electronic Transfer from the Form as well as the entire form being attached to the relevant record.

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End User Assistance

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below before contacting the service for the form you are using.

“I can’t enter data into the form”

Browser functionality is constantly changing, if you have opened a form in a browser and can not enter data into the boxes please try another browser or download the form and open in the official Adobe Acrobat Reader.

“Which App/Program should I use?”

We have extensively tested many third party apps for iOS and Android but the official Adobe Acrobat App has proved to be the most reliable and makes use of more of the functions.

“When I click ‘Submit’ on my Microsoft Surface Pro nothing happens?”

We have found that Adobe Acrobat for Surface does not currently allow the Submission button to work, instead use the share icon and email or share your form.