16/07/23 – Bromley Go Live with Best V14

The upgrade from V10 to V14 has been a while in the making for Bromley Wheelchair and Special Seating Service, who are based in Ruxley alongside their current approved repairer service Inspire.

V14 has finally arrived! Thanks to Soft Options for your patience.

Jok Morrice, Centre Manager.

We initially started off with online meetings to discuss the project and agree the processes we thought would work for them as a site.  Then Becky and I (Kelly) attended site to provide training in person and while on site, we got to have a tour of the premises which was really nice, from the stores with the ingenious use of a motorbike lift to the shared office space.

Bromley Wheelchair Service work as a team, and together they would go through the processes to test if V14 would work for them as they hoped.

It’s a more logical database to work from, once we’ve got used to using it, it’s going to be great!

We had to adjust the agreed processes a few times, as once the users had a better understanding of the capabilities within V14, they could see additional possibilities.

Its positively different

With BEST v14, Bromley had a desire to use short-hand when typing up lengthy reports which BEST could then adjust the short hand into full text.  For example, the user wants to be able to type OT and for the system to enter it as Occupational Therapy.  With this in mind we encouraged the use of the free Spell Checker available with BEST which allows users to set up their own short hand.  Becky and the Bromley team worked together to set up the shortcut keys and generate lists of short hand words.

Love the spell check

I feel really lucky that Bromley was my first on site visit since the pandemic.  The team were so lovely, they really took care of us and made us feel so welcome.  Hannah even let us tag along on an evening walk with her dogs, which allowed us to explore the local area – definitely a project highlight for me 🙂

Kelly Bareham, Senior Software Consultant