Soft Options can convert any existing electronic form into an Intelligent Mobile Form which will enable your staff to capture information on a portable device from any location (Laptops, Android Tablets, iPads and Mobile Phones).

Any entry which exists in the BEST system can be populated by Electronic Transfer from the Form as well as the entire form being attached to the relevant record.


  • Referral Forms
  • Assessments
  • Client Questionnaires

Documents can be processed individually or as a batch and multiple documents (Standard, Special Seating, Indoor-Outdoor Power Chair) can be added at any time. IMF also enables multiple revisions of a document to be used with only minor modifications to the BEST update process.



  • Forms can be password protected (for Open, modify, fill, comment, extract and print security)
  • Data can be encrypted (128Bit AES Strong Encryption) which can be added on submit (in transit)
  • Forms can be digitally signed
  • Form access functions including printing, saving and editing
  • Fields can be validated and mandatory where required
  • Simple to use



  • Create new patient or update existing patients
  • Add or update GP details
  • Add or update Medical Conditions
  • Insert Referral Details
  • Insert Assessment
  • Add PDF File to Document History



  • Can be used outside of BEST as a separate process
  • Support for many document types
  • Multiple copies of the same document (revisions) are supported
  • Minimal keystrokes for maximum benefit