BEST Web is our new online platform that gives you the ability to access your BEST V14 data remotely and securely. You can now view client data, browse your stock catalogue and see real-time stock levels from anywhere with an internet connection. BEST Web is compatible with all tablets and smartphones, so is ideal for workers out in the field - drivers can manage their jobs easily and capture signatures when deliveries are completed, and clinical staff can order equipment whilst sat in their patient's home.

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FAQs are the questions we are frequently asked about our systems, with solutions to common issues people encounter.

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The vast majority of our users are likely to be familiar with our change control system, SOS (Soft Options Support). It is our online change control portal, which allows development requests to be logged, tracked and analysed both during new projects, and once you are live on your new system. It is an intuitive web-based system that only takes a matter of minutes to learn. If you are new to SOS and require a demonstration or training on it's uses and benefits, please feel free to get in touch.

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Our support team are available Mon-Fri 8:30am - 5:00pm on support@softoptions.co.uk To reduce the time it takes for a resolution, we ask that when contacting us with a support request you are able to provide us with the following, where possible:
  • The name of the screen you are on (This can usually be found in square brackets at the very top of the window).
  • A description of the issue - what has happened? What did you expect to happen?
  • Ideally, a step-by-step of what you did leading up to the issue.
  • Any warning or error messages you may have encountered.
  • Who is this issue affecting?
  • Your preferred contact details.
  • Remember - if you include any screenshots be sure to remove any data that may breach GDPR guidelines.
From time to time we may (with permission from your IT department) ask to remotely connect to your PC so we can assist with issues. Our preferred method of doing this is using TeamViewer - a freely available piece of software that is used and trusted globally as fast and secure access solution. There are two versions that we recommend:
  • Teamviewer Host - This requires installation and therefore admin rights on your local machine. (Your IT may be able to assist with the installation)
  • TeamViewerQS - A 'lite' version requiring no installation. Just click the link and run.