Some of our existing customers have been kind enough to put together a few words about our products and services…

Soft Options have continued to provide excellent solutions…

SPS began their working relationship with Soft Options in 2004. Soft Options is a trustworthy,  professional and reliable company. We used them to upgrade from a DOS package nearly 15 years ago and the NetPlus system now in place continues to grow and evolve with their help. The NetPlus system is diverse and bespoke, but this only works well if there is continual research and development in emerging technology by Soft Options.


The environment in SPS is dynamic, fast moving and ever changing.  Soft Options have continued to provide excellent solutions and feel this will continue for many more years to come.

Shirley Duffus – Managing Director

..time savings via our sixty users, it is in the days not hours per week.

The time had come to upgrade our CRM/ERP software and after scouring the market we found that there wasn’t a standard programme that could be customised to suit our requirements. We discussed our issues with SoftOptions and they suggested and demonstrated 4P, a standard product that could be infinitely customised to meet our needs.

With this in mind we expanded the scope of our requirements to include an integrated CRM, manufacturing, logistic and site planning system, purchase order’s, integrated SAGE 200 invoicing and finally full project costings. All within one package with minimal data entry (only entered once at quotation or design stage all the way through to invoicing) and ‘most’ information viewable in two or three clicks of the mouse.

With the help of SoftOptions and 4P we have achieved this.

  • Human error due to multiple entry of the same data has been eliminated.
  • The time savings via our sixty users, it is in the days not hours per week.
  • Paper reports are a thing of the past, dynamic ‘live’ interlinked screens have removed the need for ‘out of date in 5 minutes’ paper reports.
David Costin - Commercial Director

..response times to our requests and queries have been excellent.

We have been using BEST for many years and fully utilise the system to manage our workflow and stock control. The BEST system is user friendly and allows us to efficiently track our Patient’s journey from referral to treatment.

We have always found the staff at Soft Options to be professional, approachable, knowledgeable & friendly. The response times to our requests and queries have been excellent.

Janet Hulse - Administrative Team Co-Ordinator

..you cannot go wrong by Soft Options being your software provider!

We have been using BEST since 2008 and over the years we have developed an excellent working relationship with Soft Options.

We recently upgraded to V14 and in doing so we have been able to streamline our working practices, saving time and cutting out unnecessary processes, enabling both clinical and admin staff to use the system more effectively and also providing our patients with a more efficient service.

Throughout our journey with Soft Options the service we have received has been first class, they make the extra effect to ensure your needs are met and their knowledge and expertise is impressive.

Simply put you cannot go wrong by Soft Options being your software provider!

Janet Hickson - Service Support Manager

The support systems from Soft Options are excellent..

BEST enables our service to keep an accurate electronic patient record and align our issued equipment to the patient enabling repairs and maintenance through electronic transfers between our service and our approved repairer.

The system allows us to track our stock efficiently and enhances the patient’s journey through the service with efficient processes within BEST.

The support systems from Soft Options are excellent, responsive and efficient.

George Bryson - Team Manager Wheelchair Service

..support has been first class

We have been using BEST since 2004 and have always had an excellent service from Soft Options. In June 2018 we upgraded our previous version of BEST  to version 14. This was a complex change for the Service as we previously used paper notes. The task was initially daunting for all the staff but we need not have worried as Soft Options staff were very supportive throughout. The training was well delivered and the follow up support has been first class.

Yvonne Baron - Wheelchair Service Manager

..has enabled us to run a paperless service

We’ve been using the BEST Wheelchair system since 2006 and for the last few years it has enabled us to run a paperless service. We expect a lot from the system and try to fully utilise all functions from patient demographics to the clinical and asset management system.

We are always looking for new ways that the software can assist us to streamline practices and auto generate functions and procedures to reduce duplication and human input errors.

I’m pleased to say that the team at Soft Options have worked with us and the BEST system has adapted and developed alongside our new ways of working, providing us with the data and outputs that we expect and need to run an efficient Wheelchair Service.

Sam Sterling - Wheelchair Service Manager

BEST is a complex but intuitive software system..

Soft Options continually strive to balance the business demands of a competitive market with the changing requirements of both national and local drivers of wheelchair services. They are keen to keep ahead of the game and develop their product to meet key performance indicators or innovations to technology. Their support staff are always very responsive and knowledgeable.

BEST is a complex but intuitive software system and although early in our journey of implementing version 14 it offers clear benefits of a mobile clinical tool (Intelligent Mobile Forms).

Julie Burden - Manager for Adult Occupational Therapy and Wheelchair Service

..transformed the way we manage our work flow.

Having used the BEST system for the past 2 years it has transformed the way we manage our work flow.

We are able to easily manage our stock and drivers runs. The detailed report system allows full visibility of outstanding work orders which aids with planning and scheduling. The integrated Task systems allows quick and easy communication with the wheelchair service and each activity is time stamped for auditing purposes. The system is easily configurable and the soft options support service is always happy to help when customisations need to be carried out.

I also cannot fault the customer service provided by Soft Options who always provide solutions to any issue raised.

Liam McNamara - Depot Manager

They worked with us on what was important to us as a service.

When we decided to purchase the BEST system from Soft Options, they took the time to look at our existing systems and map these to BEST, so that it suited our needs. We were also transitioning from paper-based to electronic records at the time and Soft Options helped us with this, integrating BEST with our wider organisational systems. They worked with us on what was important to us as a service. We found them to be trustworthy, reliable partners during the implementation process.

Jane Bache - Clinical Lead (Assistive & Rehabilitation Technology

..helped us to streamline all of our processes

BEST has helped us to run an integrated service across the clinical and technical aspects of the service. With everything on one place this has helped us to streamline all of our processes. Being able to tailor aspects of BEST to our service needs means we are able to deliver a more efficient service.

Over the years we have developed good working relationships with Soft Options so they really understand our service. The responsive service we get to support the ongoing running and maintenance of the system is invaluable.

Sarah Brown - Clinical Services Manager