27/11/23 – BEST Web for Exeter Wheelchair Service

In June 2023, Exeter went live with their BEST V14 upgrade which included the Approved Repairer Module after they took this element of their service in-house. Mike from Soft Options has been working with the Service to get BEST Web set up and ready for them to use for management of their Field Service operations. By giving their Mobile Engineers direct access to their Drivers Run data via the internet on a tablet device they hope to streamline the service and save reams of paper.

“BEST Web is everything I wanted it to be”

Liam McNamara
Wheelchair Repair Service Manager, Exeter Mobility Centre

Mike is looking forward to supporting Liam and the Field Service Team in the transition from a paper-based system to managing their mobile work totally via the internet and then moving on to using BEST Web to help with managing their stock using mobile devices in the warehouse.