Intelligent Mobile Forms (IMFs) – For a service that is always on the go

Through intensive joint working with Dave Rolph and his team at Soft Options, the Warwickshire Wheelchair Service is able to offer a mobile working solution for clinicians out on community visits.

The use of assessment IMFs has enabled clinicians to capture their assessments in real time while out and about using tablets.

We now capture indoor and outdoor driving, environmental, baseline, handover and review assessments using simple-to-use IMFs. The clinicians also use these to capture these assessments in clinic, either via their computers or tablets.

What can be more simple than walking alongside a client, completing an indoor driving assessment as you go? These are innovative additions to BEST and well-worth spending the development time on for the service efficiencies achieved.

Bridgit Vorster-Gibbons
Occupational Therapy Principal