04/03/22 – Case Notes Reader

Clinicians and Admins often wish to view case notes, such as Assessment write-ups or Message threads in full screen. The new Case Notes Reader screen will allow you to do this. The ability to filter your list by module (e.g. Assessments, Messages etc.), and read the text in a large text field mean that case notes can be reviewed quickly and easily from one screen.

• Makes reading multiple notes quick and simple – the whole thread in one large scrolling text field.
• Ability to navigate from this screen to the actual record you are viewing, then straight back to this screen.
• Allows you to make additions to notes and view in real time with instant screen refreshes.
• Data Filtering – Allows you to view all the case notes from one screen (e.g. all Assessment Write-Ups).
• Timeframe Filters – You can choose a date from which to view records.
• Navigation Links included – allows you to open the actual record/document/Referral that you are reading the case notes from.
• Ability to open the Referral relevant to that line, and other relevant records (e.g. the Message itself).
• New stacked records method which improves speed and reliability.
• Function which allows you to select a record and then instantly jump back to it after scrolling away from it

Contact support@softoptions.co.uk for a product guide to add this to your existing system.