11/03/20 – Visit to Wrexham ALAC

On the way home from the Wirral ACD, Mike made a slight detour and called in for a prearranged meeting at Wrexham Artificial Limb and Appliance Centre on his way home. Having worked for the All-Wales Service, based in Cardiff, for many years prior to joining Soft Options, Mike was keen to meet up with Service Lead Stephen Jones, this time wearing a different hat. They spent a few productive hours reviewing the North Wales use of BEST. Mike was able to present some suggestions for implementing the new Referral Registration process, already in use in the South. All agreed that this would be a big time-saver. They also discussed the on-going improvements to the BEST-Oracle interface and how the upcoming addition of Oracle information being passed back to BEST would also save a lot of double entry.

This is just one example of Soft Options living up to their commitment of trying to improve communication and contact with our customers, and we expect to see more of this happening in the future.