17/03/21 – Bridgewater put their Annual Consultancy Day to good use

Today we took part in an excellent on-line course with staff from Bridgewater Community Healthcare. This session was arranged for users to look at their existing processes and identify how the functionality available in BEST V14 can help streamline their daily tasks.

The 3 hour session was arranged using part of this sites ACD (Annual Consultancy Day) – banked time all sites receive as part of the Annual License Renewal. The ACD time does not need to be used all at once, sites can use hour blocks over the course of the year or alternatively request 1 day site visit, however all time must be scheduled at least one month prior to license renewal.

The refresher training session was extremely well-received and it was lovely to hear such great feedback from the BCH team –

“The training delivered by David was very clear and appropriate for all of the individuals who attended. There were 3 staff, two of which were relatively new to the system and one who had used the system for some years. The training tended to all users’ needs, and all members of staff felt that they had learnt something new from the training, even those who had used the system for some time. The training also worked well via the WebEx.

We have been able to feedback new information on the system to the rest of the team following the training. It was very useful for us and delivery was clear and concise. David took time to answer all of our questions and ensure we had a good understanding. Thank you David!”

We look forward to holding more sessions in the coming months.