17/06/20 – NRS Ireland V14 Go Live

Another successful remote go live thanks to Mike Birdsall as well as Ivan and his team for adapting to the challenges that Covid-19 brought.

Ivan sent a few words.

We implemented BEST originally in 2011 and in the period since we have always had an invaluable support partner in ensuring our system provided the platform on which to build our Customer Service and operational wheelchair activities in Northern Ireland. In June 2020 we implemented version 14 remotely due to the current Covid-19 restrictions. The Test System which was provided allowed us fully test the new system and data integrity prior to going live. The remote support during this testing and development phase from Soft Options, especially Mike was excellent, who was always on hand to assist and provide the answers. The result was a “seamless” go live during which Soft Options Staff were always available to complete any changes and additional training that was required.
All your help and advice is much appreciated.
Ivan Forsythe (Regional Wheelchair Manager)