24/11/22 – Business Intelligence in California

Dave Rolph provided training for Microsoft Power BI for the Soft Options 4P applications installed in two sites in California a few months ago.

Yesterday we received a phone call from Janus Venter who explained how the training helped revolutionise the business, we asked if we could quote him and he sent the following :

“The PowerBI Training that we received from Soft Options is world Class, and has allowed us to quickly get a strong beginning and Intermediate foundation for continuing education to advanced Training”.

“4P is our Central Information Hub that acts as a CRM and ERP and was Customized specifically for BenderCCP and Unico Mechanical.
It contains modules for Purchasing, Estimation, Time Clock and Payroll, Job Card creation, and so much more. 4P Helps us Communicate across Our Companies Seamlessly and allows for accurate Data and information Transmission which increases our profitability”.

Janus Venter Bender CCP Estimator

Janus showed Dave the progress of the dashboards they have been creating which were very impressive, unfortunately most could not be shared publicly but Janus agreed to share the example below

As the bulk of Soft Options work is within the NHS it’s nice to see the 4P application being used with so much success, 4P shares many of the core functions of the BEST NHS application.

Bender CCP and Unico Mechanical are Large Rotating Machinery Refurbishment Experts Repairing Equipment for Naval Warfare Vessels, The Hoover Dam, Water, Power, Nuclear, Petroleum Aero Space and Defense Clients on the West Coast of the United States, from Washington State to San Diego and across the United States.