01/07/22 – Spine eReferrals (IMFx)

Intelligent Mobile Forms (External)

Following on from the success of the original Intelligent Mobile Forms (IMF) the latest addition allows forms to be imported from RTF format, this opens up the possibilities to use external spine based systems such as EMIS.

Any entry which exists in the BEST system can be populated by Electronic Transfer from the Form as well as the entire form being attached to the relevant record.


• Existing IMF Forms can be converted to RTF with unique data tags for field data.
• Form access functions including printing, saving and editing.
• Data is populated from spine based systems meaning the referring professional has much less work to do.
• Simple to Use
• Uses existing IMF Update Rules


• Create new patient or update existing patients
• Add or update GP details
• Add or update Medical Conditions
• Insert Referral Details
• Insert Assessment
• Add PDF File to Document History


• Users must already have a live IMF Referral Process.
• Original Form remains the same in RTF as the PDF (to ensure consistency of Update).
• Spine Form is updated by administrators of the system (the person that designs the forms).
• Technical Data Tags are added as advised by Soft Options

Email Support@softoptions.co.uk for a product guide includes costs.