11/01/21 – Speech Recognition for BEST

Speech Recognition – Augnito Desktop
We can now offer a free 30 day trial of Augnito Desktop.

Augnito Desktop is a Windows 10 application which provides at-the-cursor live speech recognition your current clinical systems.

Complete your clinical documentation in a third of the time with Scribetech’s Augnito Desktop speech recognition service. Scribetech’s UK cloud hosted, automatic speech recognition service delivers speech-to-text conversion into your existing clinical systems at the speed of your speech, not of your fingers.

Use the in-built suite of editor tools and voice commands to control text formatting and distribution of recognised text between applications.

Templates – create customisable forms for standardised documentation with pre-prepared text, data entry fields and graphics, e.g., ‘Discharge Letter Template’.

Macros – create a library of stock phrases, sentences or paragraphs and insert them at the cursor simply by saying the macro name, e.g., ‘Normal MRI’.

Within 24 hours of signing up you will be sent an email with links to the Augnito Desktop installer, your username, password which you must change on first use of Augnito, and the required activation codes. Completion of the registration process starts your 30 day free trial.

You will also be able to download and use the Augnito Mic app from Google Play or the App Store to transform your smartphone into a speech quality microphone to deliver a wireless experience.
• Works with all modern EMRs, clinical systems and popular document editors
• Capture dictation while simultaneously reviewing clinical images and scans
• Templates are customisable forms that can be shared between teams, departments, or individually tailored, for standardised documentation with standard text, data entry fields and graphics
• Talk to Augnito – no need to remember a plethora of commands
• Macros insert your pre-prepared phrases at the cursor when called by saying the macro name, e.g., ‘Signature Block’, ‘Standard Discharge’, etc.
• Includes a suite of editor tools with all the key features of MS Word and more.

In addition to the Desktop Application the Augnito Mic app converts your iOS or Android smartphone to a speech recognition quality microphone, for a fully wireless experience.

• Augnito Mic app converts iOS and Android smartphones to speech recognition quality microphones reducing both capital cost and maintenance overhead
• Single step connection between Augnito Desktop via QR code
• Instantaneous live dictation output directly at the cursor or within the Smart Editor suite
• Experience a wireless working by linking with Bluetooth headsets such as Apple Air Pods

Access to the free trial is at :-

Free trial lasts for 30 days after which payment details are required or access is suspended.
For customers who register we would love to hear your thoughts as we feel this will provide an excellent time saving addition to the BEST application