03/11/20 – Nottingham Mobility Centre BEST V14 Go Live.

Another remote system go live.

At the time of the scheduled BEST Go live and due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Nottingham area was in Tier 3.

This was the 7th BEST go live in 2020 without Soft Options Staff having the ability to attend site, however the remote dummy go live 4 weeks prior to this certainly provided the necessary prelude to the actual go live.
As with any go live there are always lessons to learn but Sue Brisco (Therapy Service Manager) did an excellent job of keeping on top of the Change Control requests through our SOS system. This was one of the key area’s that made this a very successful upgrade.
As part of our usual debrief we often hear sites mention that they wish they had spent more time in testing and although this site was no exception the post go live support was quiet (which is always a good sign).

Sue Commented the following just over a week after going live :-

“Dave and the team at Soft Options are excellent at what they do, and produce a product which meets all of our needs in terms of required reporting, electronic noting, as well as the use of the ordering functions and database functions. The team were great at responding on go live date and after, and I would fully recommend the product for wheelchair and limb services.”

Sue Brisco
Therapy Service Manager – Amputee, Wheelchair and Out Patient Services

We also had an excellent project manager on this upgrade and we also received great feedback.

“It has been great working with Dave and his team. I found Soft options very receptive, flexible and went the extra mile to provide support, especially from a technical perspective. Covid and working priorities has brought challenges but we have worked well together to manage them.”

Sabeya Ali
Digital Services Project Manager

We also had some excellent feedback from Niamh Smith – Administrator relating to the product itself.

• Recent searches is amazing, it makes things so much quicker
• Much easier/faster to search for anything in general, and having all the options in a list to select from rather than having to click through patients profiles is so much better
• The system looks a lot more modern
• The list of quick links down the side also is helpful for making working faster
• System works a lot faster
• Being able to edit the appointment letter is great

Niamh also commented on the way that Soft Options handled the project

• Fast responses and very helpful! Every query I had was answered clearly and speedily
• Listened well to what the problems were and fixed them straight away, usually within about 20 mins of asking!